Recommendations From Anti-Aging Clinics

Today’s anti-aging clinics have evolved beyond service and treatment offerings associated with the traditional health spa concept. There is now a distinct focus on combating the aging process itself, not just the symptoms that affect physical, mental, and even spiritual health in middle and advanced years. This trend is supported by the creation of a separate medical certification for slowing down the aging process itself. Getting older cannot be arrested, but the negative results of that can accompany more candles on the birthday cake can be lessened, and potentially slowed, on an individual basis.The best anti-aging product for one person or situation may be very different under other circumstances. Natural hormones in the human body usually start to decline in our 30′s, resulting in a gradual slowing down of metabolism, libido, and mental activity. One approach is to simply start replacing those missing hormones to “younger” levels.Menopause is a well-known, if not always well received, phase in a woman’s life when reproductive hormonal changes affect her health and can wreak havoc on her general enjoyment of life. There are anti aging clinics that specialize in relieving menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings and insomnia.Menopausal hormone treatment regimens, such as bio-identical hormone therapy or estrogen replacement, may offer the best anti aging product choice in a clinical environment. Hormone replacement therapy is still a conventional medical approach to menopause relief, whether the source of the hormone is natural or synthetic.Hormone replacement for men can also be a quality of life improvement option for many older individuals. A controversial treatment sometimes prescribed in this situation is human growth hormone (HGH). This is the same treatment that has recently plagued major league sports figures as a potential performance-enhancing drug violation.Most reliable anti aging clinics also offer counseling and lifestyle retraining in areas of diet and exercise, as well as non-hormonal treatment options such as vitamin and supplement injections. All natural, eco-friendly formulas are a large and popular niche within this clinical offering.For someone who isn’t trying to slow down the natural march of time, only the marks that it leaves on their physique, the best anti aging product choice may only be skin deep. Many different types of skin care therapies have been created to help adults of any age look younger. Most of these are available as over the counter consumables, though some skin treatments are best left in the hands of a dermatologist. Cosmetic surgeries and collagen replacements techniques are also professional services available from qualified practitioners to help in your quest to look more youthful.Anti aging clinics are not just an American fad — they are popping up around the globe and looking for formal recognition as a professional medical specialty. They offer another avenue for maintaining a youthful, active lifestyle throughout your days.

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3 Sports Nutrition Myths

Perhaps the biggest reason why people failed to achieve the level of performance they want in their sports endeavors is poor or improper nutrition.Because they don’t have the right information. they are trapped in various sports nutrition myths. They behave according to whatever beliefs they have regarding what they should eat in order to prepare their bodies for the sports they want to excel in.As a result, they focus too much in a particular type of nutrition while neglecting others. This will cause more harm than good. This article highlights 3 common sports nutrition myths.Sports Nutrition Myth #1: Carbohydrates Is The Most Important Food ComponentCarbohydrates is the most important food component as it gives energy. Because people preparing for a particular sport uses a lot of physical energy during training, they think that this is the most important nutrients to consume. No doubt, carbohydrates are important sources of fuel for the body. They provide the energy required for the vigorous training activities.However, the body needs a balanced combination of different foods to function well. Other nutrients are just as important, if not more important than carbohydrates, for optimal performance. In fact, an athlete’s body requires nutrients like iron and calcium more than carbohydrates.Sports Nutrition Myth #2: One Should Eat As Much Carbohydrates As PossibleOne should eat as much carbohydrates as possible in order to have as much energy as possible to perform well. The body needs plenty of energy for the workout during training and carbohydrates provide this energy.However, loading the body with too much carbohydrates will fill the tummy and leave the person feeling tired even before the training session starts.Sports Nutrition Myth #3: Take Plenty of Protein and Amino Acid Supplements for Muscle BuildingIn order to build large and strong muscles, a person has to take plenty of protein and amino acid supplements. Many young aspiring athletes in their haste to build big strong muscles take too much protein and amino acid supplements. This often results in accusations of unauthorized drug intake that frequently ends careers before they even get started.There are no short-cuts. Building muscles and strength requires hard workouts and regular training.Many people have these erroneous thinking about their nutritional needs because of inadequate knowledge. As a result, they do not have proper dieting which will lead to their inability to cope with the rigorous demand on their bodies. However, with proper information, one can discard such sports nutrition myths and eat healthily for peak performance in their activities.