Home Business Income Opportunities Revisited: More Deadly Mistakes To Avoid In Your Home Business!

I wrote an article recently titled “Home Business Income Opportunity – READ THIS FIRST To Avoid These 3 Deadly Mistakes In Your Business” in which I discussed 3 factors that can derail your business.In this part, I carry on in the same vein to reveal the remaining killers that can have a hugely negative effect on the outcome of your online business.Home business income opportunity killer #1: Distractions From Too Many Business Opportunities. There is a common misconception in the online world that you need to get involved in many business opportunities in order to make it big. Now this business model has certainly worked for some people, I agree, but for most people it only serves to distraction that breaks your focus.When there is too much going on, you are not able to concentrate on one business opportunity until it is starts producing the results that you desire, instead you work on one business a little bit here and on the next one a little bit there, thereby dissipating your energy.Especially when you are just starting out, you will have enough on your hands learning the new skills needed to get your business to succeed that having more than one home business will be counterproductive.Home business income opportunity killer #2: Choosing The Wrong BusinessOne of the reasons people take on more than one business opportunity is to enable them generate enough income to live their dream life. So by inference if you are not getting enough income from your business opportunity you have probably chosen the wrong business.The solution to this is to get involved in a business that has an excellent and great compensation plan such that you will not have any need to get involved with any other business to supplement your online income.Home business income opportunity killer #3: Lack of CommitmentEvery venture you get involved in and the internet home business arena is no different, requires you to make a commitment to yourself. A commitment to do whatever is necessary to get your business off the ground, and a commitment to seeing it grow and succeed.Lacking commitment to yourself and your business is certainly one the factors that affects your home business success. This is easier said than done sometimes; especially when you consider that most people work on their business on a part time basis, after a full day at work – in the beginning at least.When you are tired and you just want to go to bed, what will you choose to do – give up or keep going? When you are not seeing the results you desire what will you choose to do – give up or keep going? When your friends are meeting up for a social night out and you are really would like to be there, what will you choose to do – go out or keep going?The point here is you will need to make sacrifices to get what you want. So the question is what sacrifices you are willing to make to see your dreams come true?Legitimate Online Home Business is not about getting rich quick, if it was then everyone will be successful. It is about showing up when you feel like and when you do not really feel like, and doing what is required to get the results you desire.Home business income opportunity killer #4: Lack of Distinction between Activity and ProductivityOne deadly mistake that home business owners make is that they fail to differentiate between activity and productivity. While both of these terms involves you taking action, activity relates to performing duties that is required to keep the business ticking over, like ordering supplies for example, while the productivity relates to income producing activities like advertising and sending out sales letters.Clearly distinguishing between these types of activities and concentrating a good portion of your time on being productive rather than just being busy is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid. Mastering this will put you firmly on the road to success.

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